Horses serve many purposes in our lives today

Horses are commonly used by people for racing and sometimes, as a means of transportation. Sometimes horses help people to preserve their culture. Some ranches allow horses to be rented for horseback riding. There are also people who treat their horses as pets. They tend send their horses to boarding houses to ensure the condition and mental health of their pets.

Looking for a horse boarding house is not that easy. It entails time, money and effort. Here are some ideas on what you are going to consider in choosing a boarding home for a horse:

Understand and read your contract

For legal purposes, a contract must be signed so that everything will be specified and enforceable. In signing a contract, you may look for the following things:

  • Place where your horse will be kept
  • How and when your horse will be fed and what type of feed
  • Any extra expenses that you need to pay like medical care and blanketing
  • Handling of emergency occurrences and expenses
  • Amenities and facilities to be used
  • If vaccinations are required
  • Safety Rules
  • Operation Time
  • Delinquency in Paying Bills

Addressing your horse’s problems courteously and promptly

If you feel there is something wrong with your horse, address it immediately so that it will be given fast action. Make sure that you do this in a respectful way.

Never Be a Lender or a Borrower

Never feed and use any equipment without permission. Better to make markings with your equipment so that it will not be used by others.

Always Clean Up

Clean up the manure from rings and arena, sweeping the alleys from grooming and putting away the trotted poles, jumps and barrels. Pack your equipment properly.

Be prepared in providing extra care

If your horse needs special attention, be willing to make an extra effort of giving care (as much as is possible). And be prepared to spend extra money to ensure the safety of your horse.

Do not handle other peoples’ horses without asking for permission

It is better to ask permission if you wanted to handle other horses in the same boarding home. It is not a good practice to handle animals without asking for their approval. With this attitude you will be able to avoid any misunderstandings or troubles.

Move out if it is not working

If you ever feel that your horse is not getting the right care or is in a healthy environment, it is best to move out. But be sure to follow the appropriate procedure according to the contract signed to keep everything in order.

These ideas will give you guidance in the proper ways of boarding a horse. You will spend time, money and effort but everything will be worthwhile if you are able to meet the needs of your horse and to improve them through training.