Horse Training Services

Lava Bluffs offers a large number of training services for your horse

Horse or equine training can be referred to as a variety of activities which teach the horses to perform different behaviors. The reason why horses need to be trained is so that aspiring riders, owners and trainers will not have any difficulty in managing their horses. Horses are well trained for different equestrian activities like horse racing as well as the therapeutic horseback riding for the benefit of disabled individuals. Horses need to be trained well especially if they usually fear people and other animals. They should be disciplined and restrained.

Equine training in Utah is available so that horses will become approachable when ridden and they will be able to abide the signals provided by their trainers and riders.  Horses should be taught how to respond when asked to do or perform something. Training the horse in a friendly and caring manner prevents you from manhandling or whipping the horse to dominate or punish it to follow your commands. In training the horse, trainers would usually condition the horse with warm-up exercises. They undergo warm-up in order to condition their physical and mental capabilities and to avoid injury. The equine training in Utah comprises certain stages that include the following:

Training younger horses and foals – Young horses and foals are taught basic skills since they are not yet qualified and strong enough to be driven or ridden. Horses should be calm so that basic grooming, veterinary care and other necessities can be done to them.

Ground training – If the basic skills are already learned, various tasks should also be introduced to the horse. This training is done prior to riding. Most of the horses are given such ground work before it is driven or ridden by the rider or trainer. Some of the training techniques include liberty work, desensitization, introduction to harness or bridle and saddle, ground driving and breaking.

Riding or backing a young horse – The first time that a horse is trained the training comprises different disciplines that include mounting, breaking, backing and riding. In introducing the horse to his rider, there are different techniques that a rider should employ. This training is done in order to condition the horse and allow the rider to get on and off his back and in order for the horse to stay quiet and calm when the rider is attempting to ride.

Training for specific disciplines – Horses receive advanced training in specific disciplines and various training techniques and philosophies are employed. Each horse is different and has varied levels of athletic potential, conformation, personalities and temperaments.

The equine training in Utah is very beneficial for horses as well as horse owners. Horses are trained well so that they will be able to perform well during equine activities. Horses are also trained for the benefit of the horse owner so that they will do well during games or competitions.