Horse Boarding

What To Look For In Good Equestrian Centers

Horseback riding is still one of the best sports ever enjoyed by man

It is still very prevalent in many states and even in many prominent countries. In fact, even in these modern times, many horse aficionados have paved their way to becoming not only breeders but professional equestrians. In that vein, equestrians ensure that their prized horses are provided the basics and training for this invigorating sport. They go out of their way to hire equestrian centers to ensure that their horses are cared for even better than in their own stables.

There are a lot of equestrian centers in states and countries where horseback riding is still a part of the norm. But in more urbanized areas, the number is dwindling and this is partly because the fees are much, much higher than the necessary. Whether living in a far away country with areas where cattle and horse raising are prevalent, or as a horse owner seeking the best for his animal, it is a must to look for good equestrian centers. For that, here are a few pointers on the things you should check on before choosing the equestrian center for your horse:

Equestrian winning packages and services – Of course, the first thing you need to look into is the available service packages that the equestrian center offers to your animal. If you think you need some things that are not included in the package or services, you can negotiate to ensure your demands are met. Also, try to choose the service that complements your purpose. If there are things included and you think you don’t need them for your horse, trade them with the things that will serve your animal’s best interests. A good equestrian center will always be in pursuit of your satisfaction. 

Seasoned trainers and breeders – Even if you judge the services at the equestrian center of your choice as the best, if there is not a good staff in place, all of the best amenities in the world will not suffice. Thus, make sure that you get both—the service and the experts—to work with your horse.

Facility – A great horse is produced by many things. One of these is the environment, and that means staying in a home that offers rest, training and good breeding. Therefore, before choosing a stable or stall for your horse, make sure that the place is conducive enough for your horse’s conditioning. Ensure that the stall you get is sufficient enough for you pet and the availability of training ground is perfect for your horse’s progress.

Fees – Last but not the least, the range of fees that a good equestrian centers offers should be clear and displayed. Find one that matches your available financial resources.

By evaluating each of the above criteria, you’ll be able to find the best equestrian center for you and your horse.

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Things To Consider In Boarding A Horse

Horses serve many purposes in our lives today

Horses are commonly used by people for racing and sometimes, as a means of transportation. Sometimes horses help people to preserve their culture. Some ranches allow horses to be rented for horseback riding. There are also people who treat their horses as pets. They tend send their horses to boarding houses to ensure the condition and mental health of their pets.

Looking for a horse boarding house is not that easy. It entails time, money and effort. Here are some ideas on what you are going to consider in choosing a boarding home for a horse:

Understand and read your contract

For legal purposes, a contract must be signed so that everything will be specified and enforceable. In signing a contract, you may look for the following things:

  • Place where your horse will be kept
  • How and when your horse will be fed and what type of feed
  • Any extra expenses that you need to pay like medical care and blanketing
  • Handling of emergency occurrences and expenses
  • Amenities and facilities to be used
  • If vaccinations are required
  • Safety Rules
  • Operation Time
  • Delinquency in Paying Bills

Addressing your horse’s problems courteously and promptly

If you feel there is something wrong with your horse, address it immediately so that it will be given fast action. Make sure that you do this in a respectful way.

Never Be a Lender or a Borrower

Never feed and use any equipment without permission. Better to make markings with your equipment so that it will not be used by others.

Always Clean Up

Clean up the manure from rings and arena, sweeping the alleys from grooming and putting away the trotted poles, jumps and barrels. Pack your equipment properly.

Be prepared in providing extra care

If your horse needs special attention, be willing to make an extra effort of giving care (as much as is possible). And be prepared to spend extra money to ensure the safety of your horse.

Do not handle other peoples’ horses without asking for permission

It is better to ask permission if you wanted to handle other horses in the same boarding home. It is not a good practice to handle animals without asking for their approval. With this attitude you will be able to avoid any misunderstandings or troubles.

Move out if it is not working

If you ever feel that your horse is not getting the right care or is in a healthy environment, it is best to move out. But be sure to follow the appropriate procedure according to the contract signed to keep everything in order.

These ideas will give you guidance in the proper ways of boarding a horse. You will spend time, money and effort but everything will be worthwhile if you are able to meet the needs of your horse and to improve them through training.

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Boarding Facilities for Horses

The American Council for Horses reported that there are around 9 million horses being kept for recreation or sport within the United States of America

Most of these horses are housed in different boarding facilities around the country. The demand for such services is expected to remain strong for a foreseeable future.

A boarding facility for horses must have proper equipment and facilities. Boarding operations should be able to offer at least a barn with a few stalls, a field safely fenced and a few paddocks, a tractor, moving equipment, a riding trail or arena, tack rooms, beddings and areas to store feed.

Compliance with the local and state regulations like maintaining the operation and business license in accordance with the regulations of zoning, which applies within a specific piece of property, is vital. The owners of a boarding stable must also protect against all possible liabilities by insuring the property.

Usually, boarding stables offer a combination of partial board, pasture board or full pasture services with their clients.

Partial board normally includes the stall, thus the horse owner has the responsibility in caring for them daily like turnout and stall cleaning.

Full board certainly includes turnout, stall, and all kind of daily care like stall cleaning and feedings.

Pasture board  does not comprise the stall, however the horse is being kept in a field that often has a sort of access shelter—including the run-in shed.

The kind of board that is being offered will highly impact the staffing needs like full service boarding facilities. This requires additional staff such as barn managers and grooms. Operations for pasture board may get by with fewer staff members.

There are some boarding facilities that specialize in catering a particular discipline like western riding or English riding while others offer different services. Some of these facilities also offer choices in special care for horses, say stallion training or mare breeding.

It is very important for an owner of the boarding facility to develop a relationship with the local equine veterinarian and farrier. These kinds of relationships are oftentimes mutually beneficial, as the vet or farrier may refer more clients to the business. It will also be critical in finding reliable and good suppliers for quality grain, hay and bedding.

It’s wise to develop an agreement with a riding instructor so riding lessons can be offered at the facility. Doing so may increase the overall publicity of the facility as the trainers tap into established clientele within the area. That is one of the main reasons why there are many boarders at a horse boarding facility because owners wish to have access to local instructors and riding arenas.

It is best for a person to choose the boarding house that offers the most quality facilities. This is an important part of the responsibility of animal ownership. Just like humans, horses also need proper care. That can be achieved by giving them ample facilities and services.

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